Living United: Chad Michael

2018-06-09 12_28_04-United Way profile questionaire - Google DocsIn an effort to familiarize our community with the hands guiding change and growth every day in Pickaway County, we are launching a get to know our family series on the ‘Way of Way Blog’ in the coming weeks entitled “Living United.”

At the core of the United Way lies values of trust, open communication, and commitment – something we hope to communicate through this blog mini-series. Living United is not just a catchphrase. It is a calling. A calling answered by selfless individuals who have chosen a path of service marked by humility, perseverance, and an unwavering commitment to building up their neighbors and community. That is Living United.

For part five we check in with….

Chad Michael – Trustee


I Live United for…my wife Kristie and our two girls Aleigh (age 9) and Harper (age 5), our family cat Tessa, and our family dog Noodles. 

Hobbies: When you are not working with the United Way, what else occupies your time? 

I love the beach, if it is not the beach, it’s not vacation. Our family loves to visit the Florida panhandle and the Ft. Myers/ Sanibel area. Beyond that, I busy myself with DIY and home improvement projects around the house, woodworking, and yard work.

Another big pastime for me is being active – I am not really a sedentary person.

Outside of the United Way what is your day job?

For a career, I proudly serve as the assistant principal of Circleville Middle School and just concluded my fourth year in the district.

What motivated you to join and serve your community locally with the United Way?

I have a passion to connect and give back to my community and county. I love people and love to make as much of a connection as possible. I am excited to help the United Way support the residents of Pickaway County to affect the lives of young people!

What does the United Way of Pickaway County mean to you?

The United Way of Pickaway County (UWPC) represents relationships to me. Any time you can give back by building up and strengthening your neighbors, your coworkers, and your community through service you are putting them in the best position to succeed. That is what this organization means to me.

Where/how can Pickaway County residents contact you?

Twitter @c_michael5




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