Haven House: A Residence of Hope


For many, Circleville, Ohio’s Haven House lives up to its name.

The Haven House initiative, sponsored by the United Way of Pickaway County, provides advocacy and services to victims of domestic violence and also provides shelter to women and children displaced by violence in the home.

Unfortunately, domestic violence affects real people and real neighbors we cross paths with and in many instances unknowingly.

Last year, Haven House resident Ellen (name changed to preserve anonymity) found herself in dire straits having to leave her home due to domestic violence while expecting and with her 2-year-old child in tow. Faced with a tough decision and with her family’s safety as her top priority, she searched for a solid infrastructure where she could put her child to bed at night away from her situation at home.

For Ellen, Haven House afforded her that supportive and comforting environment to remove her family from such troubling circumstances. Such a home in the Haven House also enabled Andrea to continue working through her pregnancy, receive group and individual counseling, and purchase her own vehicle.

After five months, Ellen had obtained a HUD voucher to secure her own living arrangements for her daughter and ahead of the birth of her son who would arrive that October.Haven House Stats graphic.jpg

For every Ellen there is an Amanda. For every Amanda, there is a Brenda. Regrettably, the stories are troublesome and vary, but the care and supports provided by the Haven House are a constant for many Pickaway County area women and children in a world of uncertainty.

Upon arrival at the facility, a case manager  sets in place a plan of action that includes provisions for food, shelter, clothing and a clean, safe place to stay for victims of domestic violence.

Haven House is just one of the partner agencies the United Way of Pickaway County and its board of trustees campaigns to support. Through locally sourced income streams we provide agencies with the means to operate within a capacity to help those in need like Ellen -right here in Pickaway County.

For more information on the Haven House visit their website at www.havenhouse118.com or to donate to support Pickaway County residents like Ellen visit the UWPC donation form here. 


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